First of all, we welcome all motorcycle riders to our website.  Hopefully you will identify something that we all have in common, our love of Harleys and riding.  If you’re interested in group riding, feel free to contact us.  Experience is not important.  If you’re a new rider, we can help you out. If you like what you see, you can take out a national membership (if you don’t already have one) and then join our Chapter. 

During a pandemic, creating and holding Chapter social events can be very challenging in terms of social distancing but we’ve done some careful planning.  If it means simply loading up our bikes with food and beverages and heading to a local park, so be it.  We still do the requisite social distancing with masks and this will probably continue this practice for the rest of this year.

We want to reach out to past members.  In the past couple of years it seems that a lot of Boomers have hung up their HOG Chapter vests and we would like to know why.  Of course, age and health might be determining factors however, we realize it’s really difficult to give up the things that we love, such as our bikes and this is why we’re reaching out to past members.  Just because you aren’t riding doesn’t mean you can’t continue to share your passion with others. With this in mind, on the third Wednesday of each month, at 7 PM, we host a one hour virtual chat session for both past and current members.

Contact our Chapter Secretary (External link opens in new tab or or our Membership guru (External link opens in new tab or  You will receive an email a day or two before the event with a link to the virtual video chat session.  Just click the link and you’ll join the video chat group.   We value your input and sharing your experiences.

Our Ride Program for the year is already in full swing. Most of the rides are local ones, with the emphasis on having access to food, beverages and bathrooms.  There are morning, evening and weekend rides planned to suit everyone’s interests.  You can track upcoming rides on our website Event Calendar.  Join our Facebook Group and watch our Facebook Group announcements about one week before each scheduled ride for confirmation.  Rides normally depart from and return to the Kingston Harley-Davidson dealership.  If you want an electronic copy of the entire riding season for 2021, let us know. 

We welcome everyone on our rides.  It doesn’t matter what you ride when we all share the same passion.  Come and try us out!   After a couple of rides, we’re sure you’ll want to take out a HOG membership.  For us, we just want to share the Harley riding experience.

Let’s Ride!

Clark Beamish


Kingston HOG Chapter #9026